Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In BDS news this week

BDS is on a roll, we hear.  Can't stop it. Such momentum.
But, er. no.  It's not.
In BDS news this week:

* Web giant Amazon.com will open an office in Tel Aviv to support Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud computing offering. The office is expected to begin operating at the start of 2014.  It will support companies from start-ups to large organizations as they move to cloud computing services.

Why Israel? Werner Hans Peter Vogel, the chief technology officer and Vice President of Amazon.com in charge of driving technology innovation within the company declared " If you start a business today you no longer buy IT (information technology). You spend your money on getting better engineers and product builders. "

* Facebook  has acquired Onavo, an Israel-based startup for well over 100 million. Facebook  will gain both talent and technology in the deal. All of Onavo employees will join FB. Onavo’s Tel Aviv headquarters  will become into Facebook’s first Israel office.

* Warren Buffet purchased a third Israeli company Ray-Q Interconnect.  Ray-Q, which helped develop Israel’s Iron Dome and Arrow military systems, will keep its operations in Israel Buffet total investment in Israel is nearly  $7 billion.

Oh, yes.  And a handful of students at George Mason University  are desperately trying to get anyone to sign their petition, banning made in America Sabra hummus from their school.

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Gary Fouse said...

Here is some more good news for the BDS crowd.

I was informed yesterday that UC Irvine chancellor Michael Drake will be returning to Israel in the next few months.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it BDS-ers.