Thursday, October 10, 2013

Billboard Wars, Vancouver: Prologue

We've seen over time how anti-Israel groups are determined to bring the wars of the Middle East into our public transit system and how nonprofit Israel Advocacy group StandWithUs is determined to counter them.   

In Vancouver, Canada there may have been an interim step.  The notoriously inaccurate 4 part Maps of Disappearing Palestine went up and came down rather unexpectedly, over and over again.  According to a press release circulated by anti-Israel activists Marty Roth and Charlotte Kates of the Palestine Awareness Coalition,  the lying sacks of crap  posters went AWOL on three separate occasions.

VANCOUVER, October 10, 2013 – The “Disappearing Palestine” wall mural displayed at a Canada Line SkyTrain station was stolen by vandals for the third time overnight on October 9, shortly after it was replaced following two earlier thefts. The ad, part of a campaign by the Palestine Awareness Coalition, has been running since August 27.

 The Skytrain ad was vandalized previously on the weekends of September 21 and October 5, when it was also stolen from the station by unknown vandals who appear to have scraped the ad from the walls.

 The ad has been re-posted again. The Coalition is not aware of any suspects being identified in the repeated thefts.

In the Bay Area, we've seen pro-Israel material regularly vandalized. 

Vandalized Berkeley Bus Shelter poster

Vandalized Berkeley Bus Shelter poster
But rather than emulate the fetid tactics of our opposition,  pro-Israel activists should consider taking positive steps. Consider, for example contributing to the work of BlueStar or StandWithUs, both excellent organizations that work hard to share Israel's side of the story.

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