Tuesday, October 29, 2013

American Muslims for Palestine: 26 murderers are "political prisoners"

 Today, extremist group American Muslims for Palestine issued this statement:(emphasis mine)

AMP congratulates released prisoners and their families; remembers those still incarcerated

The American Muslims for Palestine, a national education and advocacy organization, today congratulates the 26 Palestinians who were released from Israeli incarceration after being held for decades as political prisoners. At the same time we remember the thousands still being held in contravention on international law and vow we will not tire until every last Palestinian is free from occupation and until all Palestinian refugees can return to their homeland.

Political prisoners?

All of the 26 prisoners released were either convicted of murder or attempted murder. They were thugs. Criminals. Murderers.

Among those released include:

 Damouni Saad Mohammed Ahmed, convicted in the brutal lynching of IDF reservist Amnon Pomerantz in 1990.

Massoud Issa Rajib Amer, convicted  in 1993 of brutally hacking to death Ian Feinberg. Amer was also convicted of killing three Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel.

 Tukeman Yusef Suleiman Mahmed, Abu Hanana Zakariya Udia Usama, and Abdel-Aziz Said Kassam Ahmed, involved in the 1992 shooting death of Moshe Biton.

Samarin Mustafa Kalib Asrar and Kra'an Azat Musa Musa,  abducted and murdered Israeli soldier Tzvi Klein in the West Bank in 1992

 Abu-Dahila Hasan Atik Sharif  murdered his employer  Avi Osher.

Gnimat Amar Mahmad Mustafa and Gnimat Mahmoud Mahmad Ziad, convicted in the murder of Meir Ben-Yair and Michal Cohen.

Yosef Mahmad Haza Haza and Beni-Hasan Abdalla Mahmud Otman murdered  two hikers

Asor Masbach Khalil Mahmad murdered  an Israeli taxi driver David Kaspi

Abed al Raba Nimr Jabril Issa murdered Revital Seri and Ron Levy while they were hiking in 1984
Sabbag Ahmed Mahmud Mahmed , who tortured and killed three Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel in 1990.

American Muslims for Palestine  has been identified by the ADL as one of the top United States groups  "fixated with delegitimizing Israel."

Does Jewish Voice for peace, AMP's regular partner in slime also feel that the murderers of Israeli citizens were "political prisoners" ? Does it also brush off the the deaths of innocent civilians?  If not, why does it continue to stand shoulder to shoulder  and work with those who believe Jewish blood is cheap?

JVP aligns itself with anti-Semitic groups

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Gary Fouse said...

Cross-posting on my blog as well. Don't forget to thank Obama and Kerry for the pressure they are exerting to release this scum.