Sunday, January 22, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood involved in Orchestrating the Global March to Jerusalem.

Scheduled for March 30, 2012 The Global March to Jerusalem is the latest in a series of assaults on the borders of Israel. Like the flytilla and the flotilla (we'll be seeing more of those, too), the Global March represents an assault on the sovereignty of Israel, and on her borders.

The idea? Tens of thousands will gather on the borders of Israel, and attempt to overwhelm the nations' border defenses. Its a modern day crusade. The public is being whipped into a religious frenzy by those accusing Israel of the "Judaisation" of Jerusalem, and of plotting to destroy Al Aqsa.

Who could conceive of such an act?

The Muslim Brotherhood of course.

Six of the twelve individuals listed as sponsoring/endorsing the initiative are either leaders in or closely tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood:

■Zaher Birawi, leading Palestine activist, Britain (director of the Palestine Return Center in the U.K)
■Gretta Duisenberg, Chair Foundation “Stop the Occupation”, Board member Free Gaza Movement, Netherlands (widow of former European Bank president; works closely with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the Netherlands)
■Dr. Hafiz al Karmi, Chairman Palestinian Forum in Britain (The PFB works closely with Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.K.)
■Mohammad Kozber, British Muslim Initiative (The BMI is part of the U.K Muslim Brotherhood)
■Mikalis Lukianos, Ship to Gaza, Greece (The Gaza Flotilla movement is closely tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood)
■Ismael Patel, Chairman Friends of Al Aqsa, Britain (FOA and Patel work closely with the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood)

The close association with the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terror organization has not stopped American citizens from participating in the organizing of this event. Both Paul Larudee, of the International Solidarity Movement and Deppen Webber have been involved in organizing this assault on the sovereignty of our closest ally and the only real democracy in the Middle east. The extremist Bay Area Women in Black and the Wellstone Democratic renewal Club have also endorsed the march.

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Anonymous said...

I have a non violent way to repel this "non-violent" invasion of Israel

Butyl isocyanide is, well, something to experience. I've never had the pleasure, and will take pains not to. I can do no better than to quote the 1937 observations of one of the first groups to figure out how to prepare this noble reagent in quantity:

Butyl isocyanide proved to be so disagreeable to manipulate that none of its physical constants except boiling point were determined. Even when a hood with an extra forced draft was used, the odor pervaded the laboratory and adjoining rooms, deadening the sense of smell and producing in the operator, and in others, severe headaches and nausea which usually persisted for several days.

Imagine an area spraying of Butyl isocyanide. Should do the trick