Friday, January 27, 2012

Israel Develops a Black Tomato. The world asks "Why?"

I'm fond of Israel. Its a fondness that runs deep- like a Jungian archetype, an ancestral memory that I can't escape from. I know its history. I see its flaws. I remember my last visit- was it really 5 years ago? I was moved to tears at the sight of a homeless encampment lighting Shabbat candles. A Jewish state has all the issues of any other state. The same, yet different. A state with a Yidishe Tam.

This tiny nation has few natural resources other than the creativity and the tenacity of its people, yet has managed to win 10 Noble prizes. Israel, at war with its neighbors for 63 years has managed to beat the odds and has become a major player in the global economy. Israel is one of the world's hubs of entrepreneurship . This ingenuity and creativity promises a cancer vaccine by 2017 and a non-invasive test for detecting lung cancer.

The talent and energy that fuels Israeli innovation extends beyond the world of high tech and medicine. Drip irrigation was perfected in Israel.

The latest astonishing development from Israel has me shaking my head in astonishment, with a side of nausea thrown in.
Israeli farmers have developed a black tomato.

Why, Israel, why?

I envision a lasagna, smothered in bubbly mozzarella cheese and covered with a black tomato sauce. Fail.

I envision a Bloody Mary, viscous and black, festooned with a branch of celery. Fail.

I envision a bowl of creamy tomato bisque- the consummate comfort food. And no, it just doesn't work in black.


"The new tomato, which sports the name "Black Galaxy," was developed by Technological Seeds DM. The company says that the color is the produce of a special pigment, which was derived from blueberries and introduced into the new species."

The black tomato will make its debut at the Arava Agricultural R&D Exhibition next month. Over 250 companies from Israel and the world over will participate.

I may just sit this one out

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Makabit said...


I don't even like the look of those brown ones they sell at Trader Joe's. The "Kumatos". They look too much like the Tomacco fruit from "The Simpsons".

Red, orange, yellow, green, ok, I can work with these. Even the sort of burgandy ones. But black seems...unappetizing in a tomato.