Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another week of BDS failures

Pity the hapless BDS'er. Or don't. Its ok to snicker at them behind their backs. I know you want to.
They just can't win for losing.

This weeks epic BDS defeats:

British museum refuses call to boycott Ahava lab

A group of anti- Israel artists and academics has condemned the Natural History Museum in West London for its research collaboration with Ahava/Dead Sea Laboratories. The Museum has refused to submit to their demands and will not sever its working relationship with Ahava.

On Thursday, Prof. Ian Owens, the museum’s director of science, said that the museum will not heed to any boycott calls and that it is dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge. Academic freedom is an important principle in pursuing this goal, he said.

“In this respect we are in broad alignment with the wider UK academic community. We work within the legal and policy boundaries established by politicians and policy makers, and would not participate in any academic or educational boycotts that could restrict academic freedom,” he said.

The other BDS failure that caught my attention was a bit more subtle. The BDs'ers claim their movement is sanctioned by "Palestinian civil society". We've seen quite the opposite however.

From Elder of Ziyon:

According to the head of the Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine, Shaher Saad, some 31,000 Palestinian Arab workers are now employed in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. This is a significant increase compared to the number of such workers in April, 2010 - estimated at 25,000 - when Mahmoud Abbas signed a law banning Palestinian Arabs from working in settlements.

And from Ha'aretz

Palestinians invest twice as much in Israel as they do in West Bank.
Private Palestinian investment in Israel, as of 2010, amounted to $2.5 billion in a conservative estimate, and according to a more optimistic estimate this investment possibly even amounts to $5.8 billion. For purposes of comparison, private Palestinian investment within the West Bank, as of 2011, was only $1.5 billion.

A poll recently released by a marketing research firm, Geocartography Knowledge indicated that , 85% of Palestinian residents in the West Bank were interested in cooperation with Israel

If Palestinian civil society truly rejected "normalcy" with Israel, and endorsed BDS, how do you explain this? There are Palestinian Arabs willing to serve in the IDF. What more visceral rejection of BDS could there possibly be that having non-Jews in Israel willing to fight and die for their country?

This Bedouin family has been serving Israel for generations. BDS fail, fail, fail.

From YNet:

"Can a person be both Arab and Zionist? The answer appears to be yes.

Ask Shirin Shlian, a 20-year-old IDF soldier from one of the Galilee's Arab villages, whose job in the Israeli army is to encourage high school students to enlist – and better yet, to join combat units. "

Remind me again about this "Palestinian Civil society"

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