Saturday, January 29, 2011

Never again for anyone, except for Jews. Unconscionable Anti-Semitism at Rutgers

The Never Again For Anyone dog and pony show is coming to a university near you. Unless of course, you happen to be a Zionist Jew. Especially if you happen to be a Zionist Jew wearing a kippa.

According to an article in World Net Daily
"Rutgers University campus police tonight barred some 400 Jewish students and their supporters, including some Holocaust survivors, from attending what was billed as an anti-Zionist gathering at the state school tonight.

The student-sponsored event was announced with an open invitation campus-wide, and Rutgers policy is for all student activities to be open to the public.

However, when the sponsoring organizations of "Never Again for Anyone" saw they were outnumbered by Jewish students and their supporters by about 4-to-1, they asked campus police to bar students wearing kippas – and eventually limited attendance to known supporters of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine and the Middle East Children's Alliance."

Videos here:

Hajo Meyer's tour (Former head of the KK David Duke heartily endorses him!) is touring with Hatem Bazian, the UC Berkeley professor who called for Intifada in America.

Tour Schedule (but remember, Jews and Zionists are not welcome)

Washington DC: Jan 25, 2011
New York: Jan 27, 2011
New Jersey: Jan 29, 2011
Toronto, Canada: Jan 31, 2011
Toronto, Canada: Feb 1, 2011
Milwaukee: Feb 3, 2011
Chicago: Feb 4, 2011
Chicago: Feb 5, 2011
Detroit: Feb 6, 2011
Twin Cities: Feb 8, 2011
Atlanta: Feb 10, 2011
New Orleans: Feb 13, 2011
Sacramento: Feb 16, 2011
SF Bay Area: Feb 17, 2011
Los Angeles: Feb 19, 2011


The Never again for anyone website now states $5 - $20 suggested donation on entry

Their Craigs list post however states "Free and Open to the public". Screen shots have been taken, kids. Its too late to change it now.

The facebook page, still unaltered, states "Free and Open to the Public" as well


David H. said...

this is why the pro-Israel movement in the east Bay needs to get it's act together as far as video coverage goes. this is important stuff that people need to see!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaron Marcus is a Rutgers University junior he has written for The Washington Times and is an alumnus of the National Journalism Center

He writes:

Only after 200-400 pro-Israel supporters showed up did the event–held in a state school, paid for by both tax dollars and student fees–begin to discriminate who could enter the event free-of-cost.

First, the organizers of the event asked all of those who gathered together in opposition to the event to stand in a separate line and wait for seating to take place. Meanwhile, those in anti-Israel apparel, keffiyahs and hijabs were taken aside, given green wristbands, labeled as event “staff” and given free entrance. At one point, the hosts of the event, which ranged from groups like the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network to the International Socialist Organization, tore apart a suggested donation sign leaving only the admission fee visible. The group then said students could attend free-of-charge if they became members of BAKA. However, this policy once again did not apply for the Jewish students hoping to attend. In fact, at one point, I signed my name and the woman behind the desk read it and furiously crossed out the information I had just posted.

Anonymous said...

There is a video of organizer Sara Kershnar of the IJAN here:

She claims the websites saying "Free and Open to the public were in error".

Bay Area activists recognize Sara's name as one of the people arrested for interupting the study session at the SFJCC held in honor of Israel's 60th birthday.

Yep. She's a professional hater

Anonymous said...


“We deplore the blatant anti-Jewish discrimination that occurred at Rutgers University’s anti-Zionist event ‘Never Again for Anyone’ on Saturday night, January 30,” said StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein. “Apparently the organizers are afraid of  anyone who might expose their lies and prejudice. We hope Rutgers University will investigate and take proper measures to ensure that such essentially anti-Semitic events don’t recur. But we applaud the pro-Israel students and community members who came out in droves, who chanted and sang Jewish songs in the lobby when they were barred entry into the event itself.”
Rutgers student organization BAKA (Students United for Middle Eastern Justice) sponsored the presumably public event, but when it became apparent that pro-Israel attendees would outnumber BAKA sympathizers by almost four to one, the organizers became alarmed. “There are so many Jews here,” exclaimed one BAKA member who was wearing a “Smash Israeli Apartheid” T-shirt. 
The admittance policy abruptly changed, according to attendee Shoshana Smolen, a Rutgers student and StandWithUs Emerson Fellow. The voluntary donation suddenly became a mandatory fee for everyone but BAKA members, and non-BAKA members were denied entry, especially those wearing kippahs, according to some reports. When pro-Israel students tried to gain admission by signing up to join BAKA, they were unable to do so. “ All student organizations, according to university regulations, need to be open to any and all students for membership. However, BAKA was not allowing Jewish students to join, and therefore they were barred from entering the event,” reported Smolen. The campus police apparently  condoned BAKA’s revised admissions policies. Smolen and other students plan to investigate whether BAKA violated university policy.
Pro-Israel students had planned a peaceful protest. “The plan was to have a large constituency of people in the audience wearing uniformed T-shirts that read ‘Don't Politicize the Holocaust.’ At a pre-scheduled time, would all unzip their sweatshirts to expose the message and walk out in silence together. Simultaneously, there would be a group of other students leading a peaceful protest outside of the event. However, this whole initial plan had to be changed almost immediately,” explained Smolen.

“It is not surprising that the ‘Never Again for Anyone’ event deteriorated into outright discrimination against Jews. The organizers are trying to politicize the Holocaust and use it as a weapon to demonize Israel and its supporters. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are usually bedfellows,” said Rothstein. “In Britain this ‘Never Again for Anyone’ tour was denounced as ‘offensive’ and ‘inappropriate,’ and when the event’s main speaker, Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer, sued someone who called him a Jewish anti-Semite, he lost his case in the German courts. Events like this try to foment a new anti-Semitism by spreading horrendous lies to promote hatred and prejudice against Jews and Israel. Rutgers University and all reasonable, decent people must stand up to denounce this shameless manipulation of the Holocaust.”
“The good news is that Israel’s supporters have shown that they will not stand by silently. They mobilized together, proudly protested this perverse event, and publicized it so that we could all join together in protest,” concluded

Melody B said...

I wish we could transplant some of those wonderfully defiant Jews to the SF Bay area! Out here the Jewish community seems to be more worried about how we "won't look nice and peaceful" to others!This begins to look like the 1930s, doesn't it? Now is the time for young & old to take to the streets together and show that's it;s not just Israeli Jews who are unafraid! Gee...I miss the east.

Anonymous said...

Well, start mobilizing. This group will be in Oakland in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

So your gonna beat up a Holocaust victim? Doesn't that like defeat the purpose?

Dusty said...

Why should a racist human being, who just happens to be a holocaust victim get a free pass?