Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Young Jewish and Proud

JVP's attempt at creating the veneer of a youth movement, 'Young Jewish and Proud' was meet with well deserved skepticism.  With Intactivist activist Mathew Taylor, (just this side of  40)  and Rachel Roberts, now an attorney for the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) among their  spokespeople, the movement was ripe for ridicule, and ridicule came in torrents.

From Divest This: Young Jewish and Proud -Oy  The Young Jewish and Proud declaration:

"We shout, we yell, we interrupt when other people are speaking. Publically. We wear necklaces made of olives and have slightly creepy smiles. One of our grandparents was Jewish. Or not. You must take us seriously... 

We refuse. We refuse to stop speaking. We refuse to let other speak. You must give us a platform and never criticize what we say. We send out fifty press releases a day. We run a dozen Web sites. We show up at every event shouting at the top of our lungs. We are muzzled. We all say in unison: we are individuals...

We demand you listen to us. We demand the right to not listen to you, to speak (or yell loudly) when you are speaking, to accuse you of censorship for criticizing us in any way. We are your children. And we will not stop acting like them until you give us everything we want."

 For all JVP's self congratulatory rhetoric, Young Jewish and Proud went nowhere, beyond a few self-publicized disruptions of speakers within the Jewish community. In spite of their grandiose proclamation to the contrary, theirs was NOT the future of Jewish youth.

Perhaps this is.

Made by high schoolers in the  San Francisco Bay Area,  this is a proud unapologetic declaration of Jewish and  Zionist values.

Watch it, and know that the Zionist ideal is safe in the hands of the next generation.

The kids are alright.


There is a  post at Mondoweiss regarding this brief clip. Apparently Annie and Phillip find photos of kids lighting Hanukkah candles  "concerning"

Can't help but wonder how they'd feel about this


Anonymous said...

Careful. You are getting stalked by the ceramic artist, oops "journalist" at mondoweiss.

Anonymous said...

The Mondofront weasels seem to miss that the JVP "youth" movement were hardly youngsters. And that these kids, braces, acne and all are authentic kids.

If Mondofront is really interested in Bay Area "indoctrination", they should check out the Arab Resource Organizing Center's Youth programing "Reclaiming identity and building community through arts, media and activism"

Anonymous said...

Annie Robbins is still stalking you, btw:

On June 13, 2013 at 6:50 pm she posted

i visited Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers (linked in article) and they’ve made note of the post here. they added an update “Can’t help but wonder how they’d feel about this. “and then link to a hamas summer camp. it begs the question how than can compare a society used for target practice by the 4th largest military power in the world ...

Maybe someone should remind Annie, that Israel is not the “4th largest military in the world’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_military_and_paramilitary_personnel And Iran, who funds and trains its Hezbollah and Hamas proxies is #6 And maybe someone should remind Annie that lighting Hanukah candles is not in the same league as teaching kids to operate an AK-47.

Dusty said...

(Wearily) Mondoweiss has a reputation for censoring comments that veer from their "Israel is always wrong" perspective, so there is likely no point in trying to respond directly to them. Thanks for checking in, though.

Gary Fouse said...

Rachel Roberts(LOL). This hysterical woman came to speak at UCI Irvine back in 2011.


Fitting that she has joined CAIR.

Gary Fouse
adj teacher
UC Irvine Ext

YOSEF22ADAR said...

Is Mondoweiss Anti-Semitic?

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs notes that Horowitz has written on the Mondoweiss blog "[if] they are asking if I support a Jewish state…the simple answer is no.”[17] On the blog Horowitz went on to explain: "This is for the reasons stated above: it is impossible for there to be equality in Israel/Palestine while there is a state that offers special and exclusive rights to Jews over other people."[18]

17. Adam Levick, Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, September 2, 2010.

18. Adam Horowitz, ‘Mr. Horowitz, tell us what you think of the two-state solution’, Mondoweiss, March 15, 2009
by Adam Horowitz on March 15, 2009
The longer answer gets to the real reason I think people tend to ask this question, especially if they're confrontational: they are asking if I support a Jewish state. The simple answer is no. This is for the reasons stated above: it is impossible for there to be equality in Israel/Palestine while there is a state that offers special and exclusive rights to Jews over other people...


Mondoweiss About 99 results




Anonymous said...

i am of arab decent my parents are from Palestine and fled to America the year the Israel took the land. i do think that most Arabs do not have a problem with a two part state after all the all work together over their and usually with no problem but the the government can not sweep them under the rug and act like everything is ok. I love the Jewish people that i work with in my business but they are not arrogant like these people. I do believe Israel has a wright to exist but so do the others. All i can say is GOD BLESS THE PEACE MAKERS.