Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Please look After this Syrian: Syrian wounded treated in Israel

This is astonishing.

Even committed enemies of Israel know where to turn when they need help  A wounded Syrian civilian,  with an Arabic note pinned to his clothing describing his medical condition was transferred to the IDF and subsequently treated at Ziv Hospital in Safed, Israel.
From an article in the JPost

The note said: “To the honorable doctor, hello. The patient ––––, 28 years old, was hit by a bullet that went into his chest and caused a fracture in his ribs and damage by shrapnel to the diaphragm and liver. We opened his chest and abdomen and stopped the hemorrhaging of the liver. It was impossible to sew up the liver, so we put a pressure bandage on the stomach and sewed him up.
He remained for observation. From Saturday, we watched his hemoglobin level and vital signs. The doctors say his abdomen has to be reopened to examine the liver and remove the pressure bandage. Please do what you think needs to be done. Thanks in advance.”
Dr. Amram Hadari, head of the Ziv trauma unit who was involved in treating the patient in Safed, said that the man underwent a “damage control operation” in Syria.
“It was elementary. I don’t know what means of treatment the Syrian doctors had, but they saved his life. Here, he underwent another operation to treat the wound in the liver, sew up the diaphragm and drain fluid from the chest area. After the surgery, he was sent to our general intensive care unit,” Hadari said.

Just another example of Israel's remarkable commitment to saving lives- all lives.

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