Friday, April 13, 2012

Film Screening Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference

Celebrate democracy, diversity and innovation. Its Israel's 64th birthday. Come to a bay Area screening of Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference

Wednesday, April 25
7:30 PM
Cong. B’nai Shalom, 74 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek

Thursday, April 26
7:00 PM
Beth Jacob Cong., 3778 Park Blvd., Oakland

Thursday, May 3
7:30 PM
Cong. Beth Emek, 1400 Nevada Street, Pleasanton

Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference is a new feature-length documentary that explores the positive characteristics of Israeli society from a humanistic, psychological, and emotional perspective. This insightful and uplifting documentary sidesteps the usual conversation of politics, conflict and violence, and tells the story of the Israeli people – whose resilience has propelled Israel to the forefront of world innovation and progress.

Despite daily challenges ranging from limited resources to security needs, Israeli creativity and inventiveness help make the world a better place. Israel has made significant advancements in the fields of science, environment, medicine and technology, and has shared these developments with the rest of the world.

How did this happen? What underlying growth factors have given rise to this small nation’s triumph over adversity?

The 55-minute film is hosted by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, who gave up the unique distinction of being Harvard University’s most popular lecturer to return to his native country, Israel. In the film, Ben Shahar explores the core character strengths – called “actualizers” – that enable Israelis to succeed against incredible odds. Through Tal’s eyes we explore the deep-seated values such as education, family, and responsibility for the world (a Jewish concept known as “tikkun olam”), which directly contribute to Israel’s accomplishments in the economic, technological and humanitarian spheres. And while none of these actualizers are in and of themselves unique to Israel, in combination they are bringing about unparalleled progress and achievement.

Israel Inside features interviews with leading entrepreneurs, academics, and politicians including Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Sir Martin Gilbert, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Prof. Jacob Frankel, Tamar Jehuda-Cohen, and Shai Agassi.

Israel Inside was produced by

Admission is free.

Presented by the Jewish Federation of the East Bay, East Bay International Jewish Film Festival, Beth Jacob Cong., Cong. Beth Emek and Cong. B’nai Shalom

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