Monday, October 10, 2011

From Zero to Hero and Back again: Max Blumenthal slithers into Jewish Community Heroes Contest

Now that the JVP ringers in the Jewish Community heroes contest have been given the boot, the Israel is always wrong crowd are throwing their collective weight behind the campaign for Max Blumenthal, anti-Israel blogger. Max has garnished over 400 votes for a profile somewhat fitting for him- lacking a photo and complete with typos. Half baked? Sloppy? Kinda makes a statement, doesn't it?

Is Max Blumenthal a Jewish community Hero? You can find out for yourself.
He'll be making a local appearance next month- at a meeting of the Muslim Community Association. Saturday, November 19 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Max Blumenthal will find himself in the company of Hatem Bazian, who infamously called for "intifada in America", Osama Abuirshaid, Editor of Al-Meezan Newspaper and with two of the students who interupted Michael Oren at UC Irvine Taher Herzallah and Osama Shabaik

Quite a Jewish community hero.

The one positive thing that will come from this years contest- rest assured there will be more oversight at next years Jewish Community heroes contest.


Max resents the use of the term "slithers". Perhaps he is correct. "Oozes" may be more accurate.


bacci40 said...

why post something recent?

maxxie has a pic on his facebook page of him pretending to be a frum jew praying to an evil looking poter of bibi

his infamous feeling the hate vids speak for themselves

he doesnt just attack israel...he attacks all jews who hold of anything

he is even too despicable for most progressives...hasnt written for any mainstream progressive blog, mag or paper for almost 2 years and the only program that will use him as a guest is democracy now

Anonymous said...

Max is now a blogger with Al-Akbar, a Lebanese newspaper affiliated with Hizballah. The New York Times calls al akhbars reporting on the terror group that killed hundreds of Americans as indistinguishable from a Hizballah press release. Their offices are adorned with pictures of Narallah.

Max Blumenthals new employment with the Hizballah affiliated broadsheet comes on the heels of an interview he gave with the official english language network of the Iranian government (press tv) in which he launched into a barely understandable tirade against Zionism and blamed islamophobia on the ali baba cartoon. He followed up his Iranian gov interview with another one to Lebanon future TV in which he told a shocked female host that godfather pizza gave him massive bouts of diarrhea.

Why has Max Blumenthal stooped so low? He likely is unable to find any outlet that will publish his screeds. It is quite telling that the official website of neo nazi David Duke is promoting Blumenthals work:

No respectable publication would be caught dead having anything to do with such a liability.

bacci40 said...

maxxie also dared to call you an anti semite...tweeting...only zionists could be so anti semetic

maxxie burned his jew card long ago...he is a true soneh is a mitzvah to hate him and what he stands for

he is pure filth