Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fauxtography 101. More Photo Fraud from Palestine

Thanks to our Friends at Five Minutes for Israel for this:

"The death or injury of an innocent human being is dreadful whether caused by accident,carelessness or malevolence – whether by friend or foe. That still doesn’t justify taking archival images and presenting them as evidence of a crime.

Asil Arara,four years old,of Anata,was shot yesterday. She may die. That much we assume is true. It is a fact of life that the shooting is immediately blamed as a deliberate act of depravity by Israel,before anything is really known. That is Palestine Reporting 101 and we’re used to it.

Not having a photograph to hand,archival shots have been used to illustrate many of the reports on the Internet. They are of injured children from other places and times. If you see the photographs below around,purporting to be Anata,October 26th 2011 point out they come from much older sources and cast disbelief on the story as a whole."

We call this Fauxtography. We've seen it before.

Today's article from Ma'an

The photo been around since at least 2006

With that kind of shoddy reporting, can we trust anything out of the Palestinian press?

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