Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Are You Protesting Against Israel ?

Why Are You Protesting Against Israel?

More talking bears discussing the Middle east:

Best lines from the anti-Israel bear
"You are trying to confuse me with facts".

And yes, Israel allows in thousands of tons of food and building supplies. Just last week 1,047 total truckloads of aid was sent to Gaza with a total weight of 24,381 tons

Goods Delivered into the Gaza Strip
Merchandise - in truckloads
Food Products
Rice 5
Milk Powder and Baby Food 8
Wheat 100
Salt 8
Cooking Oil 20
Legumes 5
Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 93
Meat, Chicken and Fish Products 38
Flour 10
Dairy Products 31
Sugar 27
Mixed\ Additional Food Products 99
Total Food Products 444
Cement 5
Iron 1
Aggregates 41
Glass , Aluminum and Wood Profiles 34
Total Construction materials 81
Animal Feed 138
Ceramics and Plumbing 48
Electric Products 49
Inputs to Agriculture 32
Hygiene Products 30
Medicine and Medical Equipment 5
Clothing and footwear 20
Essential Humanitarian Products 170
Mixed\ Additional Products 30

Its for your information, only. I'm not trying to "confuse you with facts"


The back of the hill said...

Great vid.

David H. said...

this is simple yet very effective. protesting Israel indeed is the progressive thing to do. those people are more concerned with being considered a "progressive then they are about actual social justice.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your tube video. I thought we were alone in this in your face fight with the Islamo-nazis. We're in Chicago and for 13 years we been countering these cocksucker every week. G-d bless you. Our site is
WWW.ZAACC.ORG. Love to make contact and see if we can work together.

Dusty said...

To Anonymous,

We don't have a Shlomo contributing here.
Just so you know.

Wrong number?