Monday, January 10, 2011

California Fights Back. Pro Israel activism in San Diego

A wide-ranging coalition of haters, including Al-Awda San Diego, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at SDSU and UCSD, San Diego International Action Center, Arab American Association at Cal State San Marcos, Arab Student Association at SDSU, Middle East Cultural and Information Center (MECIC), National Lawyers Guild San Diego Chapter, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom, , San Diego branch of International Socialist Organization (ISO), Activist San Diego and The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice called for a demonstration and candlelight vigil on Sunday, January 9 starting at 3 PM at the Fountain in Balboa Park, in remembrance of the 2nd anniversary of Operation Cast Lead.

Well, they called for the demo, but hardly anyone showed up.

Except for those on the other side.
Estimates are that pro-Israel supporters, organized by the San Diego Israel coalition outnumbered the protesters 10 to 1.

Whats going on? Looks like California is beginning to fight back. Yascher Koacher to the San Diego Israel Coalition. May you go from strength to strength .


Anonymous said...

Nice photos here as well.

Anonymous said...


the terrorist enablers organized the event, and cannot admit that it was another epic fail

Dusty said...

Oh, but the pro Hamas crowd, led by the extremist Al Awda did admit that it was an epic fail, in their private emails, and have called for a meeting to strategize.

Anonymous said...

From Stand With us: In just a week close to 400 diverse pro-Israel supporters organized to create a stunning display of hundreds of flags, peaceful signs and a joyous crowd of all ages singing American and Israeli songs to drown out the angry, hateful chanting of the other group of 75 participants waving hostile signs.

David H. said...

a very uplifting story, the youtube vids were great too!