Thursday, July 18, 2019

Israeli innovation is improving lives in Flint, Michigan.

Israeli innovation is improving lives in Flint, Michigan.

The parking lot of the Greater Flint Holy Temple now features a Watergen device that uses a dehumidification process to creates water out of thin air, giving the people of the neighborhood access to pure water. Watergen's machines produce water 24 hours a day.

American political commentator and talk show host Armstrong Williams  donated the Watergen system to the community.  Flint’s water supply has been contaminated with lead since 2014.

Manufactured in America with  patented technology from Israel,  Watergen  has been used  in over 25 countries, including India, Russia, China,  Vietnam, Mexico and Sierra Leone.  Watergen has also worked with the American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA) to deliver clean drinking water to the communities devastated by hurricanes in recent years.

Watergen, founded by Arye Kohavi, has received many awards for its technology and innovation.  Watergen was chosen as one of the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company Magazine and is considered one of the "Nine Greatest Israeli Inventions of All Times."

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