Thursday, February 5, 2015

JVP tries to change the conversation at Davis

Jewish voice for Peace picks up its marketing strategy from Don Draper and Mad Men:
"If you don't like what is being said, then change the conversation."

Via Gabi Kirk, the paid JVP shill who is a regular at California Campus divestment proceedings.

Gabi Kirk doesn't seem genuinely concerned with the feelings of the Jewish students targeted in their homes- she cares only about the media, and how to spin the news.

She writes:

As you already know UC Davis passed a divestment resolution this week. Earlier today, it was discovered that the Jewish fraternity house AEPi was spray painted with two swastikas.

Almost all media coverage has tied together this hate crime with divestment and quoted AEPi students claiming it was because of divestment that this happened. We are hoping to lift up the statement below from SJP and their allies, saying how we are proud to work in a coalition with SJP and all the others signed on, in support of human rights, and how we also condemn both hate crimes and efforts to group non-violent efforts like divestment in with these hate crimes. 

Sac Bee could use some letters to the editor and please feel free to share other media coverage that warrants a response. 

Gabi Kirk often comes across as bitter and jealous.

 "As a Jew", Gabi, don't you want Jewish students to have a safe place on campus?


Anonymous said...

Jewish Voice for Peace? Wonderful.

Where is the Muslim Voice for Peace???

There ain't one? WHY NOT???

Gary Fouse said...

Thugs and brown shirts.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you left out the third part.