Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jerusalem Mayor helps to Apprehend Terrorist

An ultra-Orthodox man in his 20s was moderately wounded by a Palestinian man from the West Bank, who was in the area of the Jerusalem Municipality without authorization.   The attack took place in IDF Square in Jerusalem, near City Hall. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and his security team apprehended the attacker, who was taken to police for questioning.

The dramatic footage is worth watching. The mayor himself tackles the assailant.

Nir Barakat spoke after

“I was driving near IDF Square, and suddenly my security detail saw the terrorist near us with a knife. I immediately jumped out of the car with my body guard. He drew his weapon on the attacker, and we both caught the terrorist, holding him until the police arrived. We then immediately took care of the injured young man, and fortunately his injury wasn’t too serious.”

Via Paula Stern at A Soldiers Mother

This mayor has done much to promote Jerusalem - there are two significant things worth noting here. The first is that with his body, with his life, he moved in bravely to protect. And the second is that at any point, his security forces could have simply shot the 18-year-old terrorist. They chose to try to take him alive, and they did.

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