Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Moderate " Fatah spokesperson urges death for selling land to Jews

Today, seven Jewish families moved into homes they lawfully purchased in East Jerusalem, in a move so called "progressives" will likely characterize as ‘ethnic cleansing". The homes are in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silvan. Approximately 90 Jewish families - nearly 500 people live in Silwan.

Expect "progressives" to condemn this action, because segregated neighborhood are such a liberal value.

Expect the same "progressives" to ignore that a spokesperson for "moderate" Fatah espoused "death" as a penalty on the broker who sold the homes to Jews.

From the Jerusalem Post

In the latest case, all of the homes were purchased legally by Elad via intermediaries, usually Palestinian brokers who buy the properties from local families at inflated prices.

At one house, Khaled Karaeen, 62 and a father of six, sat with his head in his hands in the courtyard of his home, edgily flicking worry beads, unable to believe what had happened.

Relatives said one of Karaeen's sons had sold a dwelling inside the grounds of the family home to a Palestinian broker about a year ago for 1.2 million shekels ($300,000), around twice as much as the property was probably worth.

Karaeen refused to speak to visitors on Tuesday, with family members saying he was too ashamed by what his son had done. Karaeen's brother said he had spoken by phone to the son, who had fled to the north of Israel.

In the past, Palestinians found to have sold their homes to settler organizations have been killed.

The broker had then sold the apartment to Elad, which then rented it out to the Jewish residents, who moved in during the early hours of Tuesday morning with the help of Israeli police.

The Jewish family, which declined to be interviewed, had barricaded themselves inside, blocking a yellow door that opens onto Karaeen's courtyard. Karaeen sat three meters (10 feet) away.

"They want to make a joke of us," said Fadi Maragha, a local representative of the Palestinian political party Fatah, who said he had come to offer support to the family.

"They think they can drive us out. But we are the landowners. We were here and we will be here until we have all of Palestine without any Jewish people in it," he said.

Asked what would happen to the son and the broker to whom he had sold the property, Maragha said he felt they should die, but he did not expect that to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Fatah is the KKK of Pal-e-SWINE which threatened death for Whites who sold land to Black people.

Both the KKK and Hamass wear masks.