Saturday, July 6, 2013

JVP: Searching for relevance

From Jewish Voice for Peace's position statement on BDS:  January 24, 2012.  Take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

JVP has grown dramatically in size and influence in the past two years. As part of the ongoing assessment sparked by this growth, JVP reviewed its BDS policy. On the basis of an organization-wide conversation about BDS, we have refined our position while maintaining our strategy. JVP shares the aims of the Palestinian Boycott National Committee — ending the occupation, achieving equality for Palestinians now living in Israel, and recognizing Palestinian refugees’ right of return. JVP focuses our efforts on boycott and divestment campaigns that directly target Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and its blockade of the Gaza Strip. We believe this to be the most effective way for JVP to help bring about the aims we share with the Palestinian BDS call

I'm particularly interested in JVP's claim of dramatic growth in the last few years. The national JVP meeting in Berkeley (which incidentally refused to allow any media presence) was contained, with room to spare, in a small Berkeley hotel.  JVP's  got a long way to go before their "Move over AIPAC" dream is realized- the pro-Israel lobby attracted over 13,000 to their annual meeting  A recent JVP sponsored protest in San Francisco at a Jewish Community fair yielded  a dozen aging activists trudging aimlessly in a circle, while tens of thousands gathered inside.

Contrast that pitiful display with the youthful exuberance inside the gardens:

Most recently, "Jewish" Voice for Peace displayed their contempt  for "Jewish values" by scheduling their latest day of rage against financial giant Tiaa-Cref  for Tisha B'Av.   Tisha B'Av,  the fast of the 9th of Av  is a day of mourning to commemorate the destruction of our holy temple in Jerusalem, as well as the many other tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people.  The proud to be ashamed to be Jewish crowd once again shows their priorities, distancing themselves from the worship of their people in favor of  promoting their narrow political agenda.  While Jewish people across the world will be sharing our collective grief and  mourning for our people,  JVP will be spending the day fulfilling their role as the "wicked child" at the seder,  trying to bully Tiaa-Cref  into submission.

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Anonymous said...

Except for Alexei Folger, the Jewish Voice for Peace "activist" who was notoriously involved with the assault on a disabled pro-Israel activist, there doesn't appear to be anyone there under 70.