Friday, March 22, 2013

Richard Silverstein: Failure to fact Check

And now for some Breaking News  from the failure to fact-check department:

Seattle Blogger Richard Silverstein fancies himself a journalist, yet he seems to have missed  some of the very basics of fact-checking.

Today, Silverstein posted an image on his facebook page as "Breaking news"-  claiming 9 year old children- 50 of them- were arrested in Hebron.  Its illustrated with an anguished photo of a young girl- trouble is, as 2 minutes on Google would have shown him- the photo was taken in 2007  .  Silverstein, in his mad rush to demonize Israel, just couldn't be bothered to check for accuracy. Or relevance. Or timeliness.

Apparently sloppy research is a hallmark of Silverstein, the self-proclaimed "Wikileaks of Israel". He's done this before.

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