Thursday, March 14, 2013

Palestinians Throwing Stones

Oh, those poor Palestinians, with nothing but rocks to use against the brutal and genocidal Israeli war machine. This is the image they've been force-feeding us with the collusion of the mainstream media.  And they've done a great job  promoting it.

Palestinians throwing stones
But this is more the reality.

Palestinians throwing stones

Today, a two year old girl was seriously injured today by Palestinians “throwing rocks”   Palestinians hurling rocks at a passenger bus caused a three-vehicle collision. The child, her mother and 2 other children, aged 4 and 6 were injured in the subsequent accident.

The  bus windshield was shattered, injuring several passengers and triggering the accident. The mother was later identified as Adva Bitton.

...Magen David Adom medics who raced to the scene near the Barkan settlement, not far from Ariel, around 6:25 p.m. focused on the mother, 32, and her daughters, aged two, four and six.
It took 25 minutes to pull the family out of the car, medic Muawia Kabha said.
The youngest girl was not breathing and was resuscitated with a mouth-to-mouth procedure, he said. Medics were able to revive her, but she was unconscious and in critical condition, he said.
The mother was also in moderate condition but was conscious, Kabha said. The two girls in the back seat were moderately wounded, because they were not in the part of the vehicle trapped under the truck, he said.
“It was an awful scene. It looked like a terrorist attack,” he added.

From the IDF Blog:

IDF forces, in cooperation with the ISA and the Israeli Police, arrested 8 Palestinian suspects for participation in hurling rocks at Israeli vehicles near Ariel yesterday evening..
The suspects were transferred to security forces for further questioning.
A similar incident occurred in September 2011, when Palestinians hurled rocks at an Israeli vehicle, causing an Israeli civilian, Asher Palmer, to lose control of his vehicle, killing both himself and his one year old son, Jonathan.
The IDF views terror activities, including rock hurling, with great severity and will continue to act with strength and determination to protect the residents of the State of Israel and maintain security in the area.

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