Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Palestinian/ Israeli Cooperation

Co-Coexistence. Pass it on

From the website: Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories

"Palestinian staff of the Civil Administration worked hand in hand with Israeli firefighters in Upper Galilee for the irrigation of recently transplanted trees.
For the construction of a new road within a national park in the West Bank, the Civil Administration had to move trees and planted them again in the forest next to Umm ar-Rihan village.

“Because of this delicate operation, we need to supply those trees with water every two weeks during one year if we don’t want them to die,” said Uriel Harari, the Deputy Head of the Agriculture Department of the West Bank.

Firefighters came voluntarily with a truck full of water and made their tools available for the Palestinian workers.

These kinds of operations are of primary importance for the environment and for the protection of all the forests in the area"

After transferring the trees from a national park to a forest next to Umm ar-Rihan in Upper Galilee, Palestinian workers of the Civil Administration cooperated with Israeli firefighters to water them. This Joint operation between the Civil Administration and Israeli firefighters is precisely the type of cooperation that builds a web of interdependance. More coperation. Closer ties. Stronger ties. This is the path to peace. Don't let the BDS'ers tell you otherwise.

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