Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Prime Minister of the only democracy in the Middle-East is on an official visit to the Netherlands. Naturally, this is important news. The Netherlands is one of Israel's oldest friends, and currently experiences much the same venom from many of the same sources as Israel and the United States.

Worthwhile youtube clip - The Israeli National Anthem as sung in the Gran’ Esnoga today:



There was a small protest by anti-Semites and pro-palestinians outside the house of worship.
Approximately four dozen haters opposing the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The demo was charitably described as follows: "Kortom, Jose van het NPK was weer eens betrokken bij een onvoorstelbaar zielige vertoning. Gefeliciteerd daarmee Jose!"

[Translation: 'In short, Jose of the NPK was once again involved in an unimaginably pathetic display. Congratulations with that, Jose!']

NOTE: The NPK is one of the Christian denominations in the Netherlands. Jose van Leeuwen is one of the well-connected agitators for the Arab cause, who among other things has asserted that Jewish Holy days serve hardly any better purpose than to oppress non-Jews in Israel (article dated 11/14/11), and has described violence and stone throwing as 'peaceful protest'. Which is much like Kate (an activist from the Bay Area) informing a class of protest-volunteers a few years ago that smashing plate glass windows, pouring water on computers, trashing business offices, and resisting arrest qualified as "non-violent".
In one of his most recent pieces (01/12/12), Jose van Leeuwen shows himself absolutely obsessed with Orthodox Jews.

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