Monday, October 17, 2011

Timeline for Gilad Shalit's release

From JPost

The following is a timeline of the expected sequence of events for the prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel, set for Tuesday, October 18:

Stage 1: Hamas transfers Gilad Schalit to the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip

Stage 2: Israel releases 27 female prisoners upon confirmation that Schalit is alive and has been transferred to the Red Cross

Stage 3: Schalit is transferred by the Red Cross to Egypt, where he's expected to spend 15-20 minutes

Stage 4: Israel releases 450 prisoners:
- 294 Gaza-bound prisoners from Gaza and the West Bank will be transferred by land via Egypt
- 96 prisoners being sent to the West Bank will be transferred from the Ofer Prison to Ramallah
- 14 prisoners will be transferred from the Ofer Prison to east Jerusalem
- 40 prisoners from the West Bank being sent overseas will be transferred to Egypt.
- The six Israeli Arabs being released will be waiting at Israel Police stations throughout the country near their homes prior to release Simultaneously, Schalit is transferred to Israel via a land crossing with Egypt

Stage 5: Schalit is taken to an IDF base in the South, where he undergoes a series of preliminary medical checks, and is given the first opportunity to call his family

Stage 6: If deemed healthy, Schalit is flown by the Air Force to Tel Nof IAF base, near Rehovot, which has already set up a room for a small reception

Stage 7: Upon landing, Schait undergoes additional medical checks by the IDF Medical Corps

Stage 8: Schalit meets very briefly with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, and is then immediately taken to meet with his parents, grandfather, brother and sister.

Stage 9: If deemed healthy, Schalit is flown from Tel Nof to his home in Mitzpe Hila

Stage 10: Two months later, Israel releases 550 prisoners of its choice Click for full JPost coverage of Gilad Schalit

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