Monday, September 5, 2011

Obstruction of Justice? Richard Silverstein Admits to Burning Classified documents

An article in the New York Times says convicted spy Shamai Leibowitz leaked transcripts of material derived from the FBI bugs planted in Washington Embassy to blogger Richard Silverstein

Leibowitz – who worked as a contract Hebrew translator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation held a top security clearance for his work as a linguist. He leaked transcripts of material to Silverstein, an anti-Israel blogger who told the NYT he burnt the secret documents after he came under investigation in mid-2009.

(Obstruction of Justice? Intentional destruction of evidence? Attorneys- Is there a reason Dickie should not be indicted?)

Richard Silverstein said that at one point he was in possession of "200 pages of verbatim records of telephone calls and what seemed to be embassy conversations," adding that in one of the transcripts, Israeli officials expressed concern that their conversations might be monitored.

The United States routinely spies on Israel.
From the New York Times:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation listens in on foreign embassies and officials in the United States chiefly to track foreign spies, though any intelligence it obtains on other matters is passed on to the C.I.A. and other agencies. The intercepts are carried out by the F.B.I.’s Operational Technology Division, based in Quantico, Va., according to Matthew M. Aid, an intelligence writer who describes the bureau’s monitoring in a book, “Intel Wars,” scheduled for publication in January...“We started spying on Israel even before the state of Israel was formally founded in 1948, and Israel has always spied on us,” Matthew Aid, an intelligence writer told the New York Times. “Israeli intercepts have always been one of the most sensitive categories," he added.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Here is some more on subject:

From comments:so many probs with the case

how did leibowitz ever get security clearance? man is a anti israel activist who worked closely with the ism

why would silverstein admit to a crime (destroying evidence is obstruction)

fbi had to investigate silverstein (over the past year, there were rampant rumors about dickie being investigated by the fbi)

they let him walk? why?

next...why did nyt rush this to print? not even a cursory investigation of dickie...simple google search would show reporter how disturbed he is, and how easy it is to catch him lying)

dickie says that his contact with leibowitz was by chance??? huh....leftwing reporters and others use dickie to funnel info that they cant print due to gag orders...and dickie is happy to throw anything up on his blog...never checking facts

not sure what is going on...but someone wants to embarrass the fbi, cia, obama admin, and one fell swoop


dont worry about dickie going to israel...he is a pathetic slob who live off his wife...leibowitz is a convicted felon, and anti israel activist,...despite his citizenship, he will never be allowed back

but here is the is time to stop treating people like dickie, mj rosenberg, joey dana, the mondoweiss crowd and max blumenthal and charles manekin, etc as clowns...they are dangerous individuals bent on the destruction of the state of israel...

Anonymous said...


Richard Silverstein is so extreme in his anti-Israel views that he has come to the defense of Hamas. He has earned rebuke from the American Task Force on Palestine’s Hussein Ibish, who tweeted that Silverstein is a “psycho.” Even J Street turned to Twitter to describe Silverstein as being responsible for “disgusting racist and crazy attacks.” (The head of J Street later apologized for publishing a post that turned “substantive disagreements into personal attacks.”)