Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freedom House: Israel is the only free Country in the Middle east

Freedom House

In the least free part of the world, one tiny nation stands out as a beacon of freedom. It is Israel.

How does Freedom in the World measure freedom?

The survey measures freedom according to two broad categories that are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: political rights and civil liberties.

The ratings are determined by a checklist of 25 questions, 10 addressing political rights and 15 addressing civil liberties.

The 10 political rights questions are grouped into three sub-categories:

* Electoral Process:
* Political Pluralism and Participation
* Functioning of Government

The 15 civil liberties questions are grouped into four sub-categories:

* Freedom of Expression and Belief:
* Associational and Organizational Rights
* Rule of Law
* Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights

And strangely enough, this tiny nation on a sliver of land in the Middle east is the only one targetted by the BDS'ers. Perhaps its not Israel they object to- perhaps its freedom

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