Sunday, January 9, 2011

Code Pink: Droning on and on and on

Pity Poor Code Pink. They just don't get it, and drone on and on and on.

Their latest obsession is with drones, and once again, we find them rubbing noses with the likes of "World Can't Wait" and the AFSC. They recently sent out a joint announcement:

The World Can't Wait Stop the Crimes of Your Government News from the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Resistance to Drone Warfare: Mobilizing Against Drones & Endless War

Sponsors include: Bay Area CodePink, Grandmothers Against War, AFSC SF, Peace Center of Nevada County and Sacramento VFP. Endorsed by World Can't Wait SF Bay. When: January 4th, 7:00 PM Where: AFSC, Quaker Meeting House, 65 9th St., San Francisco (Near Civic Center BART)
Find out about the growing collaborative drone resistance and anti-militarism campaign. Be inspired to join us soon at a military base near you! Blah blah blah, Blah blah blah. For more info, contact: Toby Blome: or Martha Hubert:

To Code Pink: What exactly is "Collaborative Drone Resistance"? Is this, as one commenter asked, an effort to organize drones into collaborative resistance? Or is it about teaching people how to resist collaborative drones? How can one resist a drone anyway, except for A) hiding and B) shoulder-launched missiles--neither method requiring a lot of collaborate effort?

We expect no answers from Code pink.

Last year, incidentally, Code Pink declared victory over Ahava, claiming Costco had capitulated to their bullying ("felt the love", in Code Pink lingo) and discontinued carrying Ahava Dead Sea health and beauty aids . Ahava gift packs, carried at Costco were a seasonal product- they were carried only during the winter holiday, but nonetheless, come January, Code Pink was touting their success. (I assume Code Pink is also responsible for Costco discontinuing the sales of evergreen wreaths in January). However, an intrepid Costco shopper just sent us this photo- Yep, Just in time for 2010 winter gift giving season, Costco again is carrying Ahava!

Costco is selling Ahava products as holiday gifts, providing evidence of yet another failure of BDS, and Code Pink.


Anonymous said...

Zombie wrote a nice piece on "CodePink’s Head-Scratching War on Drones"

From Zombie:
CodePink serves a useful function in American politics: If you want to know what the sensible political position is on any topic, just look at what CodePink opposes and that’s what you should support. It operates as a sort of all-purpose antipodal political indicator, invariably occupying the point exactly opposite the sweet spot on the political sphere.

Read more here:

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