Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Palestinians are actually irrelevant

There are about seven million people who consider themselves Palestinian (considerably less who are native to the West Bank or Gaza).
There are over half a billion Arabs. Nearly a billion Muslims.
There are eight billion people on the planet.

Stark numbers. They illustrate the precise unimportance of Palestinians in the grand scheme of things.
If they weren't so inclined towards violence, we might never have heard of them.

Violence is hardly a measure of achievement. More people have heard of Leonardo DaVinci and Rembrandt than the current heads of the PLO and Hamas. It's a question of values.

In the past eight years, the Palestinian Arabs have accomplished one significant thing - the deaths of over five thousand of their own people (excluding those killed by bad drivers, honor killings, casual streetcorner murder, armed robbery, gang violence, intra-Arab murder, carelessness, politics, and stupidity - those numbers are not important to the Palestinian Arabs, nor to world citizens).


In which dysfunctionality and absurd logic triumphed over civilized behaviour, civilized values, and civilized achievements.

In order to comprehend the mentality of Palestinian Arabs, it is critical to understand the reasons they think that the intifada was a victory.
The answer is quite simple, and disheartening for those who think that there is any realistic chance for peace.




...all the seemingly counterproductive decisions and celebrations that Palestinian Arabs make are easy to understand. The Intifada was bad for Israelis, of course - over a thousand murdered, and restrictions on Israeli movement; armed guards at supermarkets, people nervous about taking buses, and a much more difficult life in general for all Israelis.
Since it hurt Israelis, it must be () a glorious victory.


Not only were Israelis hurt and killed, but also Palestinian Arabs made world headlines.

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While the Israelis were dealing with missile-firing psychopaths in Gaza last January, the stalwarts of Hamas were happily whacking Fatah-members in that city. This was as important if not more to them as "resisting", and far more important than ensuring the safety of their civilians by not storing war-materiel in schools, mosques, and hospitals.
Even to Hamas, dead Palestinians are far more important than the living.
As, indeed, they appear to pro-Palestinians world-wide.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! A consise hateful digital Jack Chick tract for Arab-haters everwhere. Now let's go scour the internet for bad, anti-semitic, Jew haters who talk about why Jews have been persecuted through the ages and why they've deserved all of it. Cuz that kind of hating is bad, but Arab-hating is always good and pleasing to G_d.

Anonymous said...

"There are about seven million people who consider themselves Palestinian"

I think thats the wrong way to look at this conflict- this is really an Arab-Israeli conflict. And there are 50 times more Arabs than Israelis, with 800 times the land.

Hamas is no stand alone organization- both Hamas and Hezzbollah are supported financially, materially and ideologically by the madmen of Iran.

The back of the hill said...

Anonymous number one,

You really don't use your head much, do you?

How about attempting to counter-argue, instead of simply venting?
Or does the dull ache in your scrotum dominate everything that comes out of your mouth?

Anonymous said...

A large part of the problem is caused by a philolosphy of "Muslim Supremacism." For example, the Palestinians, as Muslims (2% Xian),although themselves, almost entirely the descendants of migrants from neighboring coutries in recent, historic times, assert their claim as if based on the legacy of ALL other Muslim empires, that had ever invaded and conquered Israel whether Arab or Turkish, Shia or Sunni etc. This attitude of Muslim Supremacism is best demonstrated by the Palestinians desire to deprive the Jews of their Hoy Sites such as the Temple Mount, Machpellah etc and claim them as belonging to Islam, as a way of attemmpting to deemonstrate Muslim Supremacy over Judaism. Thus,it causes all kinds of internal confusion leading tovery bad decision making when these notions of Muslim Supremacy are disrupted by such things as Jews refusing to submit and be dhimmis, Jews fighting back and winning etc.